PADI Instructor Job Opportunities

“See you soon on the way to work (usually it’s a nice walk on the beach) or in the office (yep…that will be underwater!)!”

The dream job…this is what we always hear

Working in the Diving Industry is as a matter of a fact the dream job. The office is for us called “The sea”. How does that sound!

Every month, along with, PADI Dive Master take a step up to become Instructor. Once their have completed their IDC (Instructor Development Course), they are ready to work, to share their passion to others and start their new careers. is not only offering a great training, but we are also offering a follow up once our candidate have completed their course. Helping them finding a job is part of what we do, what we want and like to do.

Job opportunities are not only for Koh Tao, Thailand. The fact that we teach IDC’s in 8 different location around the world, that we’ve been in industry since decade, that everywhere we go we like to meet, spend time with (5 to 7pm is always a perfect time to get to know people…!!) is offering us the opportunity to know a lot of people in the industry and therefor, be able to recommend places to work to our candidate.

The Instructor level is a ticket to the world. Certification valid everywhere around the world, the PADI Instructor is the one that can grab his bag, go where the sea looks good and settle down for the time of their life.

Last month on Koh Tao, we had 9 IDC candidate. I am writing these words 1 month later and I have to admit that the 9 of them are now working.

This time, most of them chose Koh Tao. It is for now, but who knows what destination they might have after, if other destination there is. That’s the beauty of our job anyway, being able to simply choose.

PADI Instructor, Koh Tao, Thailand

PADI Instructor Shadeh, England

Shadeh, England, decided to complete her MSDT along with the new trendy specialties of Sidemount and Self Reliant. Not even having the time to complete her internship, poufffff, she is now working and applying to her daily life what’s she likes.

Dive-careers, Diving On Koh Tao, Job Opportunity

Lisa, New Zealand

Lisa, New-Zealand, started off with some assistance as part of her MSDT and same here, didn’t get the time to complete it yet as she has been asked and contacted for work in dive centres of the Island. 

PADI Instructor,, IDC

Carlos, Brazil

Carlos, Brazil, started off right away with Open Water and Advanced courses. And in Portuguese as well! How many chances to teach his first course in his own language?! It all happens for a reason! Since he started teaching and freelancing around the Island, we tried to get him to teach a course for us…but he is always busy!! 

PADI Open Water, Koh Tao, Thailand

Szandra, Hungary

Szandra, Hungary, got a call for 2 Open Water students. She thought she would be more assisting to get use to the dive center’s operation, but no! Surprise, they are yours!! Ready for it?! Of course she was! Nothing can stop Szandra!! 

Stephen, England, used to work as a Photographer/Videographer. He decided to leave the camera on the side and start teaching instead. First phone call: Rescue Course. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! The one that a lot of Instructor fear (which they really shouldn’t!). Did he get it done, yes he did! Was the student happy, Yep! Since then, the phone is ringing non stop! When was your last day off Stephen?!!!!

Plongée, Koh Tao, PADI, Brevet Instructeur

Anna, France

Anna, France, is jumping around! She is literally walking around with her arms up, dancing and singing on the “I love my life” beat! Her first course was a PADI Scuba Diver in English. It has been followed by some DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) in French and it is continuing with Open Water Diver student in Spanish! Speaking a few languages can be pretty useful sometime!! 

Whale Shark, Koh Tao, China, PADI, Instructor

Team China after a dive with a Whale Shark

Become PADI Instructor. Koh Tao. Thailand. Team China

Team China…and Lisa!

Ming, Wen and Shun, team China, didn’t waste time and were in fact on courses the morning after their IE (Instructor Examination), meaning the morning after the IE Party (I still don’t know how you managed that!!). Waiting for their numbers, they were assisting on Chinese Courses, but as soon as they received the email from PADI with their Instructor number, paf, straight into work with their own courses. Ming is now on a holiday in Bali (not a bad life isn’t!!) and Wen and Shun are on the boat…diving everyday! Though life!!!

And this is just the last IDC we had! Every month it is the same. Here and every where we go to teach our Instructor candidates.

These guys are in, doing what they like, sharing their passion and promoting themselves via social medias which is now a very important of their and our job.

Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sicily, South Africa, Sri Lanka, it’s the same every where we go. The words “Dive-careers” stand for something important and we make sure we are there to support it with our big network around the globe.

If you fancy the sea as your office, don’t hesitate! It’s possible as you can see!!

Cheers and see you soon on the way to work (usually it’s a nice walk on the beach) or in the office (yep…that will be underwater!)!!



Platinum PADI Course Director