PADI Dive Master Training and Internship program, Koh Tao, Thailand

Why joining our PADI Dive Master Training? Because you should!!!!! One of the best time of your life.

The month of November reminds for many people a month of rain, gray sky and wind. Despite the fact that yes, November correspond to our ‘monsoon” season, keep in mind that we have also a lot of sunny days, clear sky and actually, as we write these words, the sea is like a pancake and the sun is shining!!

For us, November is an extremely busy month as years after years, more and more people are choosing this month to arrive on the Island for an extended period. The reason: making their first step into the Professional level of divers with the DIVE MASTER COURSE!!

Escaping the winter starting in most of European and North American countries to join us on our Tropical Island is not a bad idea at all! 

Joining our Dive Master program is even better!! 

They are coming from Canada, England, Italy, Poland, USA, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Germany, New Zealand…well, from everywhere! 

The ambiance is at the moment amazing in our DMT family and the next weeks or months look very very good!!! 

Certified PADI Rescue Divers

Certified PADI Rescue Divers, ready for the first step into PRO level.

Not all candidates are arriving on the Island with the pre required certification in hand. For us, it doesn’t matter as we have entry level courses starting every day. That you need to start with Open Water, Advanced or Rescue diver courses, we simply make it happening! 

For someone who would have to complete these 3 certifications before enrolling in the Dive Master course, it needs about 2 weeks. The PADI Open Water course can be completed in 3 to 4 days, the Advanced in 2 days and the EFR/Rescue course in 3 to 4 days. 

The entry level courses are already the chance to get use to the operation of the Dive center, getting to know the Instructors and the staff and of course integrating your self in the team. 

If you do not have to complete any courses before, it is all gonna be happening during your DMT (Dive master Training) anyway!

A big advantage of our program is that we have a person who is looking only after our Dive Master in Training and that person is me! I am actually the manager of Pro level programs. I am putting up every 2 weeks a schedule during which every single workshops having to be completed by each DMT will be covered. The advantage of that 2 weeks program is that if for a week, you felt like taking days off to chill out on the beach or go visit the country, you know that the workshops you might have missed will come back on the next 2 weeks schedule! 
The program and the fact that I am looking after the DMTs give me the chance to get to know each of them. Their strength, they weaknesses and what should be improved or what is being done at it best! 
We also organize some contest for the candidates. Two weeks ago, Alma and Craig won a free Nitrox Certification for the best Blog about their Dive Master Trainees experience. 
Free PADI Nitrox certification contest

Alma (Croatia) and Craig (England), the winners of the best blog contest. FREE Nitrox Certification!!

For the rest, there will be a lot of time in the water!! The workshops to participate to are the Deep Dive Scenario, Search and Recovery, Guiding and Briefing, Skills Circuit, Scuba Review and more. These workshops are there to once again, improve your knowledge and technic and train you to be an excellent Dive Master upon completion. There is also gonna be some assistance on courses with our Instructors and this will be a great preparation for the Instructor level. 
Fun dives?! There will be plenty as once again, part of our program is that you get unlimited free fun dives. You will have the opportunity to do even up to 4 dives a day if you want!
To also get involved our DMTs on the conservation side of diving, we did a few days ago a CORAL dive (Conservation of Reef and Aquatic life). The program has started with Lee, DMT himself, who decide to invest in time, energy and motivation into what became an amazing idea! 
Right in the front of the Dive Center, he has been starting an artificial reef. Two days ago, some of our DMTs have joined him to add their own piece of Coral. Great turn out and we will be visiting the site every 2 weeks to collect data.  
Marine Conservation dive with the Dive Master in Training

Conservation of Reef and Aquatic life dive with the PADI Dive Master in training.

There is smile everywhere at the moment and just to add even more on top of their experience, we recently organized a DMT video. 

Brilliant morning on boat all together, underwater human pyramid, great laugh and a nice dive all together! 

It just never stop!!! Always a dive or event to join if the candidates want, always people to sit with and talk or study, always some help available if they need, always some smiles around…always a new good day starting!

Why joining our PADI Dive Master Training? Because you should!!!!

For more information, feel free to contact us at or visit our website

PADI Dive Master training and internship Video

PADI Dive Masters in Training on the morning boat for the Video souvenir!

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