Compressor operator, Nitrox Blender and Equipment technician courses on Koh Tao.

After having completed their IDC, New Instructors will now have the chance to join 3 amazing courses which can be completed in 4 days.

The compressor operator

This course is designed to give students with little or no prior knowledge or experience of high pressure gas systems instruction in filling diving cylinders from high pressure gas sources, covering all relevant safety knowledge. The lessons gives an appreciation of the physical and engineering principles associated with gas compressors, some simplified basic physics so that you can understand what happens to gases when they are compressed, and why compressors are multi-stage. It then describes the basic components of a compressor and some of the design and operating issues.

Ideal for divers, dive centre’s air filling stations and Liveaboard operators or to anyone who is expected to operate a compressor.

All candidates on completion of the course will receive a set of student notes and their Compressor Management certification card.

Nitrox Blender and Mixed Gas Blender Courses

The Gas Blender Course is split into two separate courses. These courses are, the BSAC Nitrox Blender course and the Mixed Gas Blender course.
Before proceeding to the Mixed Gas Blender course, the student(s) must have attended the Nitrox Blender course and must have successfully passed the BSAC Nitrox Blender practical assessment.
The course duration is 1 day, if both courses are run together. The duration of each individual course is,
The Nitrox Blender course is 4.5 hours
The Mixed Gas Blender is 3 hours

Practical Lessons:
There are two different workshops depend on which course or courses you are attending. The workshops are for either, Nitrox or Mixed Gas blending, or both.

Equipment Technician
The course is conducted over 2 days, including plenty of time after each session for practicing on the equipment

The first section of the course is the Calypso regulator, a popular choice with dive centers as a rental regulator. The student will be given a fully set up regulator (1st stage, 2nd stage, octopus, gauge and LPI hose) exactly how they would receive them in a working environment

The second section of the course covers the new Titan balanced 1st stage and the Legend over balanced 1st stage. This again will cover the correct procedures for stripping down, cleaning and rebuilding the 1st stages. The students will be able to see how the regulators differ to an un-balanced 1st stage and also what makes an over balanced 1st stage different from a balanced 1st stage. After completing the two 1st stages the students will move onto the balanced 2nd stage and again will be shown the main differences between it and the un-balanced 2nd stage.

The final section of the course covers the Powerline inflator and BCD repairs. Again the students will be shown the correct procedures for servicing the Powerline inflator and also the best way to clean and maintain the units.

This 4 days of courses will be, once again, offered 2 days after the IE, giving each candidates the time the catch up some energy before starting. 

The dates for the next 3 months are:

October 19th – 22nd
November 16th – 19th
December 14th – 17th

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Bas and Marie