Bangkok and Thailand are SAFE to travel to!

It is completely safe to travel to Bangkok…YES!!!!

In May 2014, the Thai Army has been declaring a martial law for the country. Only a few days later, it was now a Coup. Medias have been all over the place, sending message to the world. Unfortunately, but pretty predictable, these messages or images were not representing the real picture.

Soldiers and tanks in the street, yes. Curfew from 10:00pm until early morning were imposed, yes. But only took a few days, weeks, until the cure few was changed and became from 12:00am until 4:00am.

On Koh Tao, during this whole time…NOTHING! No Curfew, no impression that something was unusual. Same life, same sea, same sun shining and still diving everyday!

Bangkok, Thailand, safe, coup, army, travel, koh tao

Talking with locals and of course asking questions about what they thought about the situation was pretty interesting and of course reassuring for all foreigners living or planning to visit the country.

“It’s much better like that” they all say. “It’s much safer”. And you know what? Yes it was!!

Pictures all over social medias showing foreigners making “selfies” with the soldiers or of them self sitting in the tanks as soldiers didn’t mind at all (as they had nothing else to do anyway!)…a proof that the situation was far from being unsafe.

Bangkok, Thailand, safe, coup, army, travel, diving koh tao

Bangkok, Thailand, safe, coup, army, travel, koh tao, scuba diving

Bangkok, Thailand, safe, coup, army, travel, koh tao

A few days ago, we traveled to Bangkok. The truth is that we didn’t see any soldiers, any tank. We were in the area of Sukkhumvit, and nothing wrong over there!

Since then, the curfew has been lifted all around the country and life cannot be more normal then that!

You were planning to come to visit Thailand and maybe Koh Tao for a Scuba Diving holiday? Well go for it! We are approaching the busiest time of the year, it’s warm and we can promise you that the ambiance will be at his best!

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