Liveaboard Similan Islands. One month before the beginning of the Season.

On the 16th of October, it will be the kick off of the season 2013-2014 on the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock…Liveaboard Similan Islands

Every year, the National Park is opening his sites for about 6 months. It’s the time for all passionates of Scuba Diving to jump on this amazing Liveaboard trip. Eat, Dive, Eat, Sleep, Dive, sleep, Dive…not a bad life at all! 

Possibilities of a 3 Days/3 Nights or 4 Days/4 Nights trips, Starting from Mid-October, there will be a departure every week and the place are limited due to the popularity of the sites!

Liveaboard Thailand

What makes the Similan Island and Richelieu Rock so popular?

The National Park has been well protected over the last few years, giving you the chance to dive on sites where you will find a great visibility and aquatic life. From the Leopard Shark to the Sea Horses and Ghost Pipe fish, no forgetting the Manta Rays, life is every where around you. Just keep your eyes open, follow your guide or Instructor and let the Similan amazing you the way it should be done.

The scenery is also extremely beautiful. Every day, the boat will be moving on to a new spot and at night, a new protected by from where you can enjoy the best sunset. 

The view from the boat. Similan Islands

Between the dives, you will also have the chance to get on one of the beaches of the National Park, from where you will be able to climb the rocks and have a look from a higher spot, what it surrounding you. 

Similan National Park BeachLiveaboard Similan island Scenery

There is 3 main area on the boat, the Dive Deck and rooms on the main floor, the sitting area, kitchen and staff rooms floor and the roof top for the afternoon nap under the sun or the stars watching at night!

As for the cabins, you can choose between a 4 bed Shared Cabin, a Twin Cabin or the Master Ensuite Cabin.

Liveaboard Similan Boat

What’s included:

-Transfer from Phuket, All meals, Tea and Coffee, Fruits and Snacks, Drinking Water, Full Set Rental equipment, Instructors 4:1 Ration, 24 hour Medical Service, Evacuation Insurance,National Park Fees and Towels and Shampoo.

The only things which are not included are soft drink as well as alcohol. It’s available on board and it can simply be paid by the end of the trip. 

For the rest, it’s all there, waiting for you. It’s not just an opportunity to enjoy great dives, but also the time to let your self being spoiled by the amazing cook on board as well as the rest of the crew. 

All about eating as well on the Similan!

The trips are available not only for certified divers, but also for anybody who want to do a PADI Diving Course. Groups will be split in consideration of the level and experience of each customers. 

Nitrox is available on board. 

The 4 days/4 nights trip include 14 dives (3 dives/day + 2 nights dives) and the 3 days/3 nights includes 12 dives. 

For more information, visit our website or feel free to contact us on or by phone (+66) 921299575 or (+66) 835437586.

If you are on Koh Tao at the moment and need more information, we’ll be happy to meet and chat about everything!

The boat from the Island. Similan Islands


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