What to do on Koh Tao on a day off from Diving!?

Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao is not only a paradise for Scuba Divers, but also a place where to relax and explore the different activities of the Island.

Plenty of beautiful beaches, on each of them, you will find restaurant, bars and snorkeling gear to rent.

During the whole year, there is things to do on the Island. Sun is shining most of the time and the scenery keeps impressing not only the visitors, but also us, local living on the Island for years.

On a day off, we are still exploring the paradise we live in.

Koh Tao, Rock Climbing

For the fan of it, you can practice Rock Climbing, on this rock to start with, but also on different places of the Island where you would have never think of going!

For those who even on a day off from Scuba Diving, need to be in the water, you could improve your free diving skills! We have 2 schools on the Island and within 2 days, they guarantee you a 20m breath hold dive!

Koh Tao, Free Diving

Everywhere around the Island, it is possible to rent a kayak for a day and explore the Island in a different way. All around, you’ll find beaches where you can stop to eat something or relax on the beach in between 2 snorkeling session. Just don’t forget to put sunscreen on!

Koh Tao, Kayak

Food on Koh Tao is also very good and you can find here everything you would like. Of course, Thai food is the most popular, but for those of you who want to have a western bite, you will be happy to find it all! From Pizza to French Cuisine, Indian and even Sushis, it’s all there.

Koh Tao, Lifestyle

Tropical Island

And of course, it’s hard to spend some time on such paradise without having a beer or a cocktail on a nice and sunny day, looking at the water!

Welcome to Koh Tao, tropical paradise!!Cocktail bars, cold beer or a proper fruit shake for the fan of non alcoholic drink.

If you are planning to visit the Island and would like to know more about how to get here, accommodation

and the best time to come and visit us, feel free to contact us at info@divingonkohtao.com


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