Marine Life of Koh Tao. Pictures by John Back.

Koh Tao is full of surprises and beside the marine life that we are use to see in our daily life on the Island, there is always something new showing up! Recently, it’s the Clown Trigger Fish that decided to come and say hello. Pilot whales pass by once in a while and well…there  is always something new! One thing for sure, we never know what will be showing up next!

Chevron Barracuda. Koh Tao

Chevron Barracuda

Here are some pictures from John Back, resident of Koh Tao since many years and also a Professional Underwater Videographer. He can join you on your dive and offer you great souvenirs. Today, he gave us the chance to share some his underwater pictures.

To see more, visit his website

Yellow Box Fish. Koh Tao

Yellow Box Fish

Banner Fish. Koh Tao

Banner Fish

Pink Anemone Fish. Koh Tao

Pink Anemone Fish

Juvenile File Fish. Koh Tao

Juvenile File Fish

Blue Spotted Sting Ray. Koh Tao

Blue Spotted Sting Ray

Here is a picture of John Back at work…not a bad job isn’t!!??

Whale Shark. Koh Tao

Whale Shark and John Back


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