Living the Dream. Diving On Koh Tao

PADI Business Academy Bangkok

We would like to say Thank You!

Diving On Koh Tao has been attending their 2nd Business Academy. Now back on Koh Tao with plenty of new ideas. Our last 3 years on facebook, twitter, YouTube, and other social medias are only the beginning. We’ve been sharing our stories, our moment and we hope you enjoyed it.

PADI Business Academy

Reaching almost 3000 people through Facebook only, many of them were you, joining us on an Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, Dive Master or Instructor Course. If you were not part of them, we can only hope to see you soon on Koh Tao, our paradise.

Every day, we make you smile, but you also return the smile to us and there is nothing that can describe such thing.

Helping us achieving our dream, making our place in the Diving Industry, there is nothing Diving On Koh Tao can complain about. Yes, we are living the DREAM!

PADI Course Director Sebastiaan Van Riemsdijk

GO PRO. Diving On Koh Tao. Course DirectorWith our work, our passion, we are also proud to announce that Bas, co-funder of Diving On Koh Tao, has also became a PADI Course Director last month.

Last teaching level a PADI professional can reach, it’s the top of the top! He can now teach you how to become a Dive Instructor and above.

The adventure continues and Diving On Koh Tao is about to offer a new branch focusing on Professional Levels. Dive Master, Instructor, Professional Underwater Videographer, it will be the time for you to GO PRO!

We’ll keep you informed, but for now, we just wanted to say a big thank you for making our days looking like the one we always wished for!

Bas and Marie


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