Koh Tao. A Tropical Paradise in the Gulf of Thailand.


The “Turtle” Island, the paradise for many of us, many of you. 

Many years ago, it was use as a political prison and about 30 years later, the first divers arrived on the Koh Tao.

Since then, the place became a popular destination for Divers and travelers.

Beautiful beaches, good food, excellent night life and of course…amazing diving around. 


By renting a scooter, it’s possible to drive around the Island, discovering some amazing View Point or quiet beaches where to chill out the time of a swim.

Places like Shark Bay also give visitors the opportunity of looking at baby Black Tip Sharks as well as a massive Turtle who made it her home.


We’ve been living on the Island since long time and we are still discovering everyday. 

Smaller than Koh Samui and Koh Phanghan, it is the place to enjoy a good vibe with good people around.

By night, visit the “Cabaret”, go for Muay Thai fight, enjoy the fire show on the beach and lanterns in the sky and all that, after a good dinner with a variety of choice.

For the fans of Thai, you’ll be served, for the fan of Italian food, you’ll be served and for the meat lover…well you’ll be served as well.

There is here everything we need, everything anybody would need.



Only one thing…be careful! Many people came here on holiday and simply never left! Koh Tao is an addiction and falling in love with it is pretty common.

For more information about the Island, how to get here and all activities possibles, feel free to contact us at info@divingonkohtao.com. You can also visit our website http://www.divingonkohtao.com and our Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diving-On-Koh-Tao/466269606732095?ref=hl)

We hope to see you on Koh Tao…or to see you again for those which are addict already!



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