When plans change…for the better. A special about DIVE MASTER and INSTRUCTOR TRAINING.


How many time we heard: “I came to Koh Tao to do my Open Water Course, and never left”!?

Welcome to our reality and the one of many others around.

January has started pretty strong for Diving On Koh Tao and we decided this week talk more about the Dive Master and Instructor Training.

They are 10 who arrived over the month and decided to change their life and get a Diving Career.

Italy, France, Holland, Canada, South Africa, one more time, different nationalities get together to share some time on a Tropical Paradise.

After completing the Open Water, Advanced and EFR-Rescue courses, the next step is the first professional level: Dive Master.

Guide, refresh the skills and share with certified divers your knowledge, your passion and your little secret from every dive site…this is what it’s all about.Image

Becoming a Certified Dive Master is having the World in the pocket, being able to work everywhere. 

A minimum of 2 weeks is required, but we also offer un Unlimited Option giving to opportunity to our Candidates to dive as much as they, gaining all the experience they need.

Being evaluated on their knowledge, they skills underwater and at the surface, we bring them into a world that will never forget.

Physic, Physiology, Equipment, Decompression Theory and Skills and Environment are some topics to cover and we offer lectures to our candidates to give them the chance to assimilate better all the informations. 


When it comes to the water work, be ready for action, laughs and sunny days on the boat!

Assisting different Instructors on their courses, participating to the workshops (Guiding and Briefing, Discover Scuba Diving, Search and Recovery, Skin Diving, Mapping Project…and much more), each minute will give them more experience.


Not just a training, the Dive Master Course is also the time to meet people coming from everywhere around the world. BBQ, nights out…it’s sharing some good time during the day, but also by night for those who feel like it.


A very high percentage of them stick around for a while, going even further with the Instructor Course.

Dive is not just a career, but also a life style! 

Contact us for more information at info@divingonkohtao.com or visit our website http://www.divingonkohtao.com


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