Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock

This week, we let the images speak for them self.

You will find here on our Gallery some inspiration about a Liveaboard on the West Coast. The season is open since the 2 weeks and lot’s people are heading to the amazing sites of the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock.

Us as well! Diving On Koh Tao will be boarding today for a couple of days of diving. We’ll post the pictures next week. The actual pictures have been given to us by Boris, Nora, Jens and Thalita. Their recent trip which they book through us has been an extremely good experience. Happy that you enjoyed it guys and hope to see you again soon!

The second part of the pictures are there to say Congratulation to Melanie, Shawn, Rachel and Jimmy who recently became Open Water divers…and Advanced for some as well! Melanie might hang around for longer then we thought…she is now thinking of going for the Dive Master training.

Just keep in mind that she was scared of being in Open Sea…!!! A proof that our world is such a amazing one and that we are here to look after and make sure that scary feelings go away!

Also, have a look at the sunset of Last night…the proof that the raining season is still NOT HERE!!!!


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