End of October, beginning of November 2012…Sun is Shining. No Monsoon!!!

More happy days for Divingonkohtao.com, the last week of October and the beginning of November were full of action.

Starting with new Open Water Divers, the funders of Diving on Koh Tao, Bas and Marie, got together to teach 6 students. Rare opportunity, it’s been good fun for the both of us, but also for the customers. WeiWei and Alexander living in Singapore, Anja and Regina from Germany and team Norway, one more occasion to mix up different counties, different languages and traditions.



Another achievement for Bas who received is EFR Instructor Trainer Certification.

Co founder of Diving On Koh Tao Bas keep going on his way up by reaching a new level. He can now teach Emergency First Responder to become EFR Instructors and teach not only in the diving world, but also in any places around the world where people are king to learn what first aid training is and how they could save some life. 


It also didn’t take took long for him to step into his Instructor Shoes. Shortly after receiving his certification, he was standing on the front of the classroom teaching the 8 IDC (Instructor Development Course) the EFR Instructor. 


From our monthly IDC (Instructor Development Course), 8 candidates have been entering the amazing life style of Scuba Diving Instructors.

 After 2 weeks of training, they proudly went out of the pool, after their last evaluation, celebration their achievement. Course Directors Chris and Marco and Master Instructor Bas joined their effort to get the best out of each candidates. Job well done, we already see them practicing their new profession around the Island! A life changer and a beautiful underwater “office”!


Course Director Chris and Master Instructor Bas, aka, the lords!!!


Divingonkohtao.com into other local business.

Proud of all the progress we did in the past years, we are now also starting a promotion campaign in different business in Thailand. If you’ve been to Chumphon City before, you without any doubt had the chance to visit “Fame Tour” a travel agency, but also an amazing bakery, restaurant and bar. Next time you visit the place, have a look on the wall!!!!


Clean-Up day at South West Pinnacle and on the beach.

Bas and DMT’s (Dive Master Trainees) got together on the Dive Debris Day organized by “Save Koh Tao” and PADI and woke up early to head to South West Pinnacle and get ride of all the Fishing Nets that were covering the “Secret Pinnacle”. Success, they came came with bags full of them and managed to give the chance to the coral and the fishes to breath again. Back in the Dive Center, they went on the beach and clean up the whole place. A good initiative. 




Thanks to Darren from the Buddha Cafe who filled up their stomach for free as a big thank you for the job they did.


Some of the fishing nets removed from the Secret Pinnacle. 


ECO-DAY 2012 Save Koh Tao, Project Aware and PADI 

After our clean-up, it was now time to head to Save Koh Tao and participate to the lectures, workshop and activities organized. Many people from different dive centers on the Island, it’s been a really nice afternoon learning more about what Save Koh Tao those to preserve our tropical paradise, as well as more about Sharks with the Project Aware Lecture. 




One of the workshop was to let our creativity waking up and put on a sign our ideas. Those signs will be soon around Koh Tao. 


Where is Monsoon??!!!!

Marie just finished a course with James, Tanja and Hinrich…an Open Water Course during which sun was shining and the sea was as clam as a lake. Oh yes…there might have been a lot of Trigger Fish around, but for the rest, perfect time! 


And who is hanging around Koh Tao, still??!!!

Oh yes, we still have our big spotted fish around. WHALE SHARK became a common thing to hear recently! Chumphon Pinnacle is having the pleasure of having them visiting VERY often! 

Last year, November has been a month full of Whale Sharks…and it looks like the history might be repeating! You know where to go to see them…just let us know when you are coming!!!!



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